Union Christian College

Siragate, Tumakuru-572 106 Karnataka, India


The college is privileged to have sprawling beautiful 18 acres, lush green campus with rare trees and beautiful garden, providing congenial atmosphere for academic activities.

Class rooms

          Spacious, comfortable, well ventilated and furnished class rooms.


The college has newly built modern library building with required books, journals, magazines periodical CD, DVDs and free access to internet and Wi-Fi enabled campus, Inflibnet facility.

Psychology Laboratory

          The college has a well equipped psychology lab with latest materials.


          Information and communication facility is provided for effective learning.

Language Lab

          The college provides a well furnished Language Lab with good resource.

Computer Lab

          The college has Computer Lab to impart I.T. training to the students.

Orientation, Bridge Programmes and Remedial Classes

          These programmes are conducted for the benefit of needy students to enhance their academic level.

Research and Projects

          Students are given research work and assigned projects for deep understanding of the subject.

Departmentmental Awards

          Special prizes for students who have excelled in academic are given.


Trained psychology counselors provide professional counseling for students, parents and teachers.

Cultural Activities

The College has provided ample opportunities for cultural activities and host and various cultural programmes.


College cultural fest held each year under the banner 'Sanskruthi'


A unique students forum which caters to the socio-cultural need of the students and also, provides an opportunity to exhibit their latent traits, which will with the learning horizon of the students.


The college magazine where the students are given ample opportunity to present their articles and poems.  This enables them to bring out their literary skills.


Ample opportunity for students to excel in sports.  Training/Coaching is provided to participate in various Intercollegiate, Inter University and National Level competitions.


Since inception, our N.S.S. unit has involved in a number of constructive works.  It inspires students to accept challenges and to shoulder responsibilities effectively by inculcating good leadership qualities.


          Rotaract club is to enable our students to develop leadership qualities and emulate social responsibilities.

Youth Red Cross

          The unit of our college is providing first aid training and engaged in various social services activities.

Educational Tours

Every year college organizes short/long distance educational tours for the students.  This helps the students to broaden their academicals and cultural horizon.

Union Christian Research Centre

The Research Centre is recognized by Tumkur University, which offers Ph.D. programme in 

(1) Physical Education and 

(2) Economics. The Centre is directed by Dr. Abednigo Sunil. One may contact at 9880270555.